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Clinical Research

MSI Detection Kit

MSI Detection Kit


■ Accurate: 
Containing all NCI recommended mononucleotide locus, highly sensitive and specific.
■ Convenient:
Single-tube amplification, applicable for automatic and batched detection.
■ Fast: 
Get results within 6 hours.

Loci detected

Interpretation standard



Gene analyzer (ABI PRISM 310, 3100 Genetic Analyzer, or ABI 3130 Series, 3500 Series, 3730 Series Genetic Analyzer)


NCCN clinical practice guidelines in Oncology: colon cancer(2019.V2)

Universal MMR or MSI testing is recommended in all patients with a personal colon/rectal cancer to identify individuals with Lynch syndrome.

Stage II MSI-H colon/rectal cancer patients may have a good prognosis and do not benefit from 5-FU adjuvant therapy. 

For patients with deficient mismatch repair (dMMR) or microsatellite instability-high (MSI-H) tumors, nivolumab or pembrolizumab added as treatment options in subsequent therapy for patients appropriate for intensive therapy. 

NCCN clinical practice guidelines in Oncology: colon cancer(2019.V21)
※For research use only